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"Rapa Nui" and "The Naval of the World", are the original names of Easter Island, baptized by the first inhabitants of MAORI origin who planted strong roots and built a facinating millenium culture until the XVIIIth century.


It was discovered by the Occidental world, on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1722, by the Dutch expedition of Captain Jacob Rogenveen.


With the imposing MOAI which dot the coastal landscape, Rapa Nui has been declared the greatest outdoor museum of the world. Numerous investigations and publications have been made by different Archaeological and Anthropological institutions and personalities.  Because of its importance as a culture developed in the most isolated Island of the world it has been declared by UNESCO an "INHERITANCE OF  HUMANITY"


In Rapa Nui, we maintain our ancestral traditions  through an oral history,  transmitted from generation to generation through our musical compositions of songs and dances. 




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