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Our Hotel
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We await you. Our goal is to provide you with the best attention during your stay in Rapa Nui: 

DISCOVER the REAL Rapa Nui culture with us!


Hotel Victoria is a quaint family run hotel in the high sector of Hanga Roa. It provides a panoramic view of the hotel landscape and surrounding ocean with the soothing sound of the waves. 
Our rooms provide you with all necessities in a cozy and pleasurable atmosphere for the comfort of our guests. We allow you to experience the island Rapa Nui style.





We invite you to enjoy a relaxed visit of the natural landscape of tropical plants and trees which compliment the decor of the Rapa Nui motif.

Hotel Victoria is named Victoria in memory of the previous owner’s mother, Victoria Rapahango Tepuku. She was the last descendent of the ancestral families Rapahango and Tepuku.

Whether you come to Easter Island for business or pleasure, Hotel Victoria, our Moai, the mysteries of Rapa Nui, her people, and our culture and traditions will all make for an unforgettable experience.


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Telephone/fax : 56-32-2551844, 32-2100272