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Hotel Victoria has 17 cozy rooms. We can accommodate up to 50 guests. Each room has a private bathroom and double or twin beds which are charmingly decorated to make our guests feel at home. Rooms are available as Single, Double, Twin, Triple, or Quadruple. Wake up to a Polynesian breakfast buffet!

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Tours available:

Full Day Tour:

Visit the principal archeological sites of Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Pito Kura concluding on beautiful white sand of Anakena beach. Picnic included.  US $ 65 /person

Half Day Tour 1:  

Visit Ana Kai, Rano Kau volcano, ceremonial village of Orongo and  Ahu Vinapu.  US$ 40/person. Additional US$ 60/person entrance fee to Orongo.

Half Day Tour 2:

Visit Ahu Akivi platform, Puna Pau quarry, and mysterious Te Pahu cave. US$ 40/person

Half Day Tour 3:

Visit Ahu Tahai, the Sebastian Englert Museum, and the Artists Markets. US$ 40/person

Diving: Scuba dive the South Pacific! Complete equipment and clothing from USD $70/person

Rent a Car: Auto, Jeep, 4x2, 4x4, minibus, from US$80 daily.

Airport Pick up

Hotel Victoria will pick you up at the Mataveri airport with handmade garlands of flowers. We will return you to the airport at the conclusion of your visit. IORANA!

Room Rates:
Clik mail us for seasonal rates     

Room                         Standard

Single                          US$120    
Double/Twin              US$160    

Triple                           US$198

Special events and others
Enjoy business Rapa Nui style: reserve for your business conferences

More relaxed activities, informal clothing, a view of the ocean, no cities noises, and no formalities

Traditional Rapa Nui wedding: Offering our establishment for you to enjoy a typical Rapa Nui wedding in the terrace and gardens of the hotel with traditional Rapa Nui clothing and traditional Rapa Nui food.


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Telephone/fax : 56-32-2551844, 32-2100272